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Part Ⅶ Writing(1*20 points)

Different Attitudes Towards Shopping

1. 人们对购物的态度不同;

2. 有人把购物视作一种兴趣,有人把购物视作一种任务;

3. 你的看法


Nowadays, with the rapid development short and increasing popularity of the information and technology, shopping online, though sometimes coupled with (伴随) doubts and distrust, has been a fashion especially among the youngsters (年轻人,少年) , -----youth (青年,青春)

Of course it is reshaping our way of(重塑... ) life and making it much more cosy as for (关于,至于)me. For one thing, shopping online can save a great deal of time on the way, thus people could be more concentrated on(集中在…上) their work or study. For another, the internet has largely shorten the distance (缩短距离) between manufacturers (制造商) and consumers ---that's why we can even buy foreign goods at a lower price (以...样的价格) .

Above all, the trend of shopping online is irreversible and more people will be finally accustomed to (习惯于... ) it. Dishonesty or distrust may still be there for a long time, but they are also reasons to urge an improvement, aren't they?


一、引出开篇类:建议考生们在描述某类现象时运用“引用”句式,合理引出要描述的问题1. Recently the problem of…… has been brought into focus.=Nowadays there is a growing concern over ……(最近……问题引起了关注)2.With the development of our economy and society,pollution is more and more serious.3.Now people become increasingly aware/conscious of the importance of ……
二、提出建议类:以表达观点为主的章,建议用以下句式1.There is no doubt that enough concern must be paid to the problem of…… (毫无疑问,对……问题应予以足够重视)2.Obviously , if we want to do something … it is essential that……(显然,如果我们想要做么事,很重要的是……)
三、故事引出类:这类开头能够很好地引发判卷老师的兴趣1.I have a friend who ... Should he....? Such a dilemma we are often confronted with in our daily life.2.Once upon a time, there lived a man who.... This story may be (unbelievable), but it still has a realistic significance now。
四、表达不同观点类:当要表达相反的两个观点或是不同角度的多个观点时,建议考生们学会以下表达方式1.People's views on……vary from person to person. Some hold that……However, others believe that…… (人们对……的观点因人而异,有些人认为……然而其他人却认为……)2.There are different opinions among people as to…… (对于……人们的观点大不相同)五、预示后果类:在开头明确表示自己对某事的观点及相关后果,以下句式非常实用Obviously,if we don't control the problem, the chances are that……will lead us in danger.(很明显,如果我们不能控制这一问题,很有可能我们会陷入危险)2.It is urgent that immediate measures should be taken to stop the situation(很紧迫的是应立即采取措施阻止这一事态的发展)


1.Apart from this, other ways/ aspects/functions are...除此之外,另外一些方法(方面、作业)是……例句:Besides, other ways are also under considered.
2.The last but not the least is...
例句:The last but not the least is that we should get up early.最后但并非不重要的是我们要早起。
3.On the one hand,...,on the other hand,...
例句:On the one hand, we need to be helpful, on the other hand, we should be on the alert to protect ourselves.
4.No less important/ harmful is...
例句:No less important is saving water.
5.But, you may ask, why is...important/ indispensable/ necessary?
例句:But, you may ask, why is water important?
6.Nothing/ Few things can approach/ equal/ match/ parallel...
例句:Nothing can approach my pet dog.
7.Despite the fact that most of them like..., I would like to choose...
例句:Despite the fact that most of them like swimming, I would like to choose running.
8.People differ greatly on their attitudes towards this problem. Some maintain that... Others, on the contrary, hold the opinion that... Personally, I stand on the side of...
例句:People differ greatly on their attitudes towards this problem. Some maintain that living in the big city is better. Others, on the contrary, hold the opinion that living in the small country is better. Personally, I stand on the side of the latter.
9.To understand the truth of..., it is necessary to analyze...
例句:To understand the truth of air pollution, it is necessary to analyze automobile exhaust.
10.Different people have different opinions/ views/ ideas about... Some people take it for granted that... On the contrary, some other people think...
例句:Different people have different opinion about choosing living place. Some people take it for granted that big city is better. On the contrary, some other people think small town is the perfect choice.
11.We have been brought up believe /myth that... Yet...
例句:We have been brought up believe that study is the most important thing. Yet playing is also very important.我们从小到大都相信学习是最重要的这种说法。然而玩耍也是很重要的。
12.Given the fact that..., it by no means indicates that...
例句:Given the fact that book is important, it by no means indicates that it is everything.
13.Some reasons can explain this trend. First of all,... Secondly..., Furthermore,...
例句:Some reasons can explain this trend. First of all, air pollution is more and more common. Secondly, water is also polluted. Furthermore,animals are in danger.
14.Thanks to/ Owing to/ Due to/ Because of/ As a result of
例句:Thanks to my mom, I become an excellent person.
15.There are many reasons explaining this case. As for me, I consider the following as the typical ones. To begin with,... Secondly,... Last but not least,...
例句:There are many reasons explaining this case. As for me, I consider the following as the typical ones. To begin with, air pollution. Secondly,water pollution. Last but not least, ocean pollution..
16.No one can deny the fact that...
例句:No one can deny the fact that we are brothers.
17.Legend/ Rumor has it that...
例句:Rumor has it that they have got married.
18.People are coming to realize the importance of... They have begun to try their best to... We believe that...
例句:People are coming to realize the importance of science. They have begun to try their best to work on science. We believe that science will make our life better.
例句:Anyway, we are brothers.
20.We should try our best to overcome/ conquer the difficulties.


1.From above...
例句:From above, I think living in a big city is better.
2.Therefore, it is not difficult to draw the conclusion that...
例句:Therefore, it is not difficult to draw the conclusion that living in a big city is better.
3.In a word, the whole society should pay close to the problem of... Only in this way the future.
例句:In a word, the whole society should pay close attention to the problem of protecting the environment. Only in this way can we have a good place to live in the future.
4.To be sure, there may be difficulties we cannot overcome, but if we...
例句:To be sure, there may be difficulties we cannot overcome, but if we work hard, we can figure out another way to solve the problem.
5.Taking into account all of these factors, we may reach the conclusion that...
例句:Taking into account all of these factors, we may reach the conclusion that study hard is good to us.
6.In summary/ conclusion/ a word,...
例句:In summary, we should study hard.
7.As mentioned above,...
例句:As mentioned above, living in the small town is more comfortable.
8.Therefore, we have no reason to make a fuss about All in all,...
例句:Therefore, we have no reason to make a fuss about artificial intelligence. All in all, artificial intelligence will be more and more common in the future.


不可数名词一般不加冠词,可数名词一般来说要么是复数,要么一定加冠词(a, an, the),但有些泛指的情况也可以不加冠词。如:Man is mortal. 人固有一死。(这句话中 man 就是泛指人类) 定冠词the 使用要小心,注意是泛指还是特指,特指才用 the,如果前出现过,再次出现也用the。Pollution is the biggest problem of the cities. 此处cities 是泛指城市,而不是特定的几个城市,所以应去掉cities 前面的the


注意名词的可数与不可数性,需要平时通过多写多练来积累。例如In modern society, people are under various pressures.这里的pressure 是不可数名词,不能加复数,可以通过前面加 kind的复数来表示多种压力。 改正为:In modern society, people are under various kinds of pressure.


及物动词后面必须要跟宾语,不及物动词后面不能直接跟宾语,需要通过介词。比如:(1) The high way happens a car accident.(2) A car accident is happened on the high way.Happen 为不及物动词,以上两个句子都是不对的,第一句错在直接跟了宾语,第二句错在用了被动语态。可以改正为:A car accident happens/happened on the high way.需要强调的是,不及物动词不能使用被动语态。例如: The traffic accident was taken place at the junction of two highways.这句话是错误的,因为 take place 是不及物动词词组,所以不能使用被动语态。需要改为主动的时态,如下:The traffic accident took place at the junction of two highways.


很多考生习惯性地使用代词来指代前提到的人或者事物,但是往往会出现指代不清楚造成语义不通。如:Lynn and her husband bought a house in nearby Grey Street at a very low price. It was cheap partly because it was falling down.这里的it 就指代不清楚,让人分不清导致是指上的房子还是街道,所以要使用the house 指代上的那个house,第二个 it 可以保留

5、be 动词乱用

因考生会下意识地将中一字一句的对应翻译成英,所以经常会出现下面的情况。“他们是要去… 他是在考虑... 他们有人是在努力去…”就翻译成了:“They are want to …, He is consider …, Some of them are make great efforts to …”想当然地认为只要自己的中有个“是”就在动词前面加个 be,这种想法是不可取的,要梳理出真正的句意,be 动词和动词原形只能保留一个,上面几个错误的句子都要把be 动词去掉,同时注意后面的动词原形是否要有时态或单复数的变化。另外,这里很明确地告诉各位——be 动词之后只能跟动词的现在分词/过去分词!如:He is thinking about … Measures are taken…


介词之后要接名词(或者名词性的词、短语以及句子),不能是动词原形也很少能直接加句子。注意:to do 不定式中的 to 不是介词,只是不定式的符号,没有词义。如:The purpose of this picture is to remind us of the problem of refuse to look after the old.此句中第二个of 是介词,因此refuse 应该变为 refusing,这样句子才正确。The purpose of this picture is to remind us of the problem of people refuse to look after the old.介词之后很少能直接带从句,只有一些特殊情况。如果一定要写句子,在of 后面加个 the fact that 再引导从句即可


如:It is my point that reading must be selectively.这个句子中,reading 是动名词,本质已经是名词了,所以需要用形容词来修饰,应该是selective。其他常见的误用的词有hard 和fast,这两个词本身就既有形容词词性,又有副词词性,很多考生会误用为 hardly, fastly。hardly 虽然有这个词,但是是“几乎不”的意思,不是“刻苦的”意思了,而 fastly 就是个不存在的单词。还有一部分介词和动词形式比较接近,也容易被误用,如:The old man was hit by a car when he across the street.本句中 across 是介词,不能当做谓语动词来使用,应该用 cross, 才是动词“穿过“的意思,所以应当改为:The old man was hit by a car when he was crossing the street.

8、情态动词的误用情态动词之后一定要用动词原形,而且情态动词不能单独做谓语。例如:They should spent much time. 这句话里面的 spent 应该改为动词原形spend。再比如:It may not good to our health.这里的may 不能单独做谓语动词, 需要加一个动词be 才是正确的句子。此外,很多考生还会把 maybe 和 may be 混淆使用,maybe 是一个单词,词性为副词,意思是“可能,也许”,如:Maybe they will find him. Who knows?而may be 是两个单词,may 在这里做情态动词表示“可能,也许” 的意思,be 动词作为谓语动词来构成句子。9、不同时态谓语动词变化错误考试写作需要用到的时态一般不会超出我们所说的五种基本时态,分别是:一般现在时、一般过去时、一般将来时、现在进行时和现在完成时。需要掌握五种时态的变化规律,我们通过一个简单的句子来说明: 一般现在时:I buy a new computer. / He buys a new computer.一般过去时:He bought a new computer.一般将来时:He will buy a new computer. / He is going to a new computer.现在进行时:He is buying a new computer.现在完成时:He has bought a new computer.10、动词时态、语态的误用,前后不一致例如:I was walking along the road, and there are not so many cars on the street. (误)I was walking along the road, and there were not so many vehicles on the street. (正)这个例句中前面是was walking ,所以后面也要用相应的过去进行时were,同一个句子里,没有特殊情况,前后时态时要保持一致的。11、被动语态使用错误,尤其是不及物动词和系动词不及物动词和系动词是没有被动语态的,这个一定要注意。常见的不及物动词有 happen, appear, occur, take place 等等,比如:This car accident is similar to the one that was happened last month.这里使用 was happened 就是错误的,不是被发生,而是发生(注意中英语言习惯的不同)。还有一类是实意动词做系动词,如“look, feel, taste, seem, smell, prove”等,比如:This new chair is felt better than the old one.这里feel 是系动词,不能用被动,直接用主动feels better。The handbook is proven useful. 这本手册证明很有用。这里的 prove 是系动词,不能用被动语态,应该改为 The handbook proves useful.12、主谓不一致,主要是第三人称单数忘记变化这个知识点很简单,但是在考试写作的时候很多人却容易忽略这一点,需要引起大家的注意。因为汉语中没有数的变化,所以很多时候大家很容易把三单忽略,并且比较容易出错的是在结合了分词和从句的长句里,尤其是在图表题中第一段描绘图画的时候。如:The old man, like a football, who wear( 应 该 是 wears) a sad expression on his face, are(应该是 is )kicked away by his own children.除此之外,还有系动词的使用,也要跟随主语的单复数变化来变化。如:An increasing number of people is sending their children to different art classes.这里的is 就是错误的,应该是are。13、副词直接通过逗号连接两个句子(连接词误用)Many people like shopping online, for example, they buy shoes, books and mobile phones on the Internet. 这是不行的, 只有连接词才可以。一个句子有且只能有一个谓语动词(用并列连词连接除外),一个句子里两个主谓结构更是必错无疑。在这里 for example 不是并列连词,要把 for example 前面的逗号改成分号或者句号才是正确的句子(也就是说拆分为两个句子)。再比如:Many people like shopping online, such as they buy shoes, books and mobile phones on the Internet.这里such as 是介词词性,后面要带名词,而不能带句子。however, therefore, then, even, hence, thus 等都不是并列连词, 不要用他们通过逗号直接连接句子。如果非要用他们接句子,注意是句子,除了前面用分号或干脆改成句号,还可以加个and 等并列连词,改为并列句。比如:He was tired and therefore he stopped running.


有了that 就表示从句开始了,除非that 表示“那个”。从句也是句子,that 后面只有个名词词组,或者that 后面的句子没有主语,这都是错误的。如:(1)The picture shows that an old man who is kicked around by his children.红色部分是句子吗?不是,只是一个名词词组,后面由 who 引导的从句只是修饰前面的old man 而已,改正方法是把who 去掉。(2)The chart above illustrates that the change in the number of people who live in cities and rural areas.同样,红色部分只是一个名词,后面的是定语从句来修饰这个名词的。既然只是名词不是句子,就需要把前面的that 去掉,让红字部分作为句子的宾语。(3)What can be inferred(推断) from the picture is that is prevalent(普遍的) in our society.这句话读下来让人不明白到底什么东西是普遍的,原因在于 that 后面少了主语。记住:这里的 that 不是从句的主语,它只是表语从句的引导词, 并且不可以省略, 可以在that之后添加 this phenomenon.


最常见的错误方式是从句后面的逗号直接写成了句号,一个小小的不注意,就会引起整个句子的错误。比如:As is shown in the picture. An old man lies on the ground. They refuse to take care of the old man. Because they are selfish.With the development of our society. People’s living standard has been greatly improved.The number in developing countries increased rapidly from 100 in 1999 to 200 in 2010. While the number is developed countries remained stable.As, because, with, while 等词后面引导的是从句(或状语结构),从句顾名思义就是处于从属地位,是不能独立存在的。因此用了句号之后变为独立的句子是错误的,必须从属于一个主句。应该把中间的句号改成逗号,同时注意大小写


一个简单句有且只能有一个谓语动词,其他的动词要么是出现在从句里,要么是以非谓语动词的形式出现(to do,v+ing,v+ed)!There are many students like to use this computer.本句中出现了are 和like 两个谓语动词,改正方法如下:(1) 在like 前面加who/that,把like 变为从句中的谓语动词;(2) 把like 变为liking,现在分词做宾语补足语;(3) 把there are 去掉,变为没有从句的简单句。同样的句子有:There are still many problems should be noted and resolved.这里可去掉There are 或者在should 前面加that。


很多中的表达直接搬到英中,虽然语法上看起来没有错误,但是却不符合英的逻辑。例如:Now 6000 Yuan can buy a new computer. 应该改为 Now you can buy a new computer with 6000 Yuan.I think there is no relation between numbers and luck.应该改为I don’t think there is any relation between numbers and luck.


部分考生过分追求套用长句和复杂句,造成章生涩难读。这样做一方面会容易犯句子结构的错误,另一方面造成表意不顺畅。建议长短句结合使用。如:This picture aims to tell us the truth that there is a thought-provoking phenomenon is very common in our society and reminds us that we shouldn’t ignore the fact that we are confused with so many choices, and each of which leads to a different result.错误 1:phenomenon 后面的从句少了主语,可以在 is 前面加which改正;错误 2:and each of which leads to a different result,这句话不是一个独立的句子,不用加and;例句中各种从句混杂交错,一不小心就会出现上述错误,读起来也非常不顺。因此完全可以拆成几个短句子,长短交错,才能使得行更加流畅。如:This picture shows that this thought-provoking phenomenon is very common in our society, and also reminds us that we are confused with so many choices. As we all know, each choice will lead to a different result.


很多时候考生在写章的时候为了加强语气,往往把事实描述的过于绝对,这样就造成逻辑不严密,甚至造成表达错误。例如:With the development of modern transportation, you can get to any place by plane, by car, or by ship. 如果说可以到达任何地方,那珠峰呢,深海呢,是通过这些方式抵达的吗?所以应该把any place 换成most places on the earth,如下:With the development of modern transportation, you can get to most places on the earth by plane, by car, or by ship.



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